Vulnerability | Become Invulnerable

If you want to become invulnerable, you must first become vulnerable.

There’s one thing I’ve learned for sure. It’s that the secrets we hide have a devastating effect on our life. We are forced to lie, to hide ourselves behind masks, and in the process, we lose touch with who we truly are. A lie to others become a lie to ourselves, and those are the most dangerous ones.

Why do we hide our true self?

There is a good reason why we might not want to be vulnerable – when we are, others can harm us and when our vulnerable nature is revealed, we do not look perfect anymore, which opens us to the judgment of others, which makes us even more vulnerable…

It is a vicious cycle with no end. Pleasing all is impossible even to the best of us, no matter how many roles we play for them – failing in that regard is not a result of imperfection, but merely of human nature, and no single individual can fight that alone. Have the courage to show your imperfection.

Have the courage to let go of who you think you should be in order to be who you are.

Wearing mask

We live in a world which is constantly forcing us to become someone else. Look at parents. They try to make their kids the personifications of perfection. They told us to wear a mask and act as them, but this mask isn’t you, it’s their mask which had been transmitted throughout generations. No wonder anxiety and depression have become one of the most common mental disorders and that suicides are on their all-time high. They told us to stop crying instead of saying “You aren’t perfect, but you’re worthy of love and belonging”. This treatment might move the mountains.

Think about it – how different is your relationship with someone with whom you share everything you are, down to all the little naughty and humiliating bits, from a relationship with someone you see every single day, but know only very little about. What relationship could be more powerful and cleansing than the first one? When you become vulnerable, you show them that you aren’t perfect. That you are nothing more than them. No longer you need a mask, for you can finally feel comfortable, safe, and loved even without it.

Seven deadly sins - Bible

Everyone has some sin and when you show your sins to others then you can actually connect with them. Don’t you see, that if you act fake you will only get fake relationship? Here’s the thing. Guess what is one of the most common regret of dying people. It is “I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.”

Tip: Surround yourself with people who aren’t judgmental and with whom you are comfortable. Then you can fully express yourself. Remember that friends who mind don’t matter and friends who matter don’t mind.


Curiously enough, the thing we are ashamed of the most might in fact be a gold mine. For example, a man who was ashamed of his passion for wearing a skirt starts a very successful business that deals in women’s clothing. Knowing this has helped me a lot.

Not that I’d particularly enjoy wearing my mother’s skirt, but I used to be ashamed of sharing my worldviews with others. The funny thing is that now people contact me here or on Instagram and I can feel that it really resonates with them. It’s because we tend to be the most ashamed of stuff which are the closest to our heart. And if I can do it, you can do it as well.

Many people are just waiting for a moment before their death, when they finally realize this. You now have that understanding. All you have to do is become as vulnerable as you can by expressing yourself right from this very moment. You will find a practical guide on how to very easily express yourself and live in the truth in the next segment.

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