Although presence is always available, and it is what heals us, why is it so hard for so many to be present today? The simple answer is people get distracted and lost in their chattering mind. Have you noticed it constantly comments on everything? If you spend some time observing the mind rather than believing everything it spits out, you may be shocked that what you have allowed to guide you is deeply rooted in fear and insecurity. We take this voice in the head to be WHO WE ARE, but is that even true?

Who are we

This is probably the most important question you can ask yourself in your lifetime. I often refer to mind as your personal computer with only the files of the past to pull from. When operating from the limited personal mind, we find ourselves like a hamster on a wheel, recycling painful patterns throughout life. This is how most human beings operate, mindlessly on autopilot.

Until the day that you wake up and see that there is another option. After you step off the hamster wheel, you discover a new way of being. You see that being free from the mind brings abundant possibilities, new options now available through the vaster connection to the world-wide web. So how does one make this shift? Presence is the simple answer, and allow me to walk you through the process.


Thoughts are like drops of water. Let them be just that. When we focus our attention, and identify with them they become thought streams which with more focus and attention, become larger and larger bodies of water until it’s an ocean of stories and concepts that now have become “me”. This all exists in the mind, and although it feels like reality it is NOT reality. It’s like a dream (why reality = dream) or a nightmare in which you are the main character.

Living in this way we are separated from all of life. We feel no connection to the sun, trees, people, or planet we inhabit. We operate like a fragmented separate self, navigating from a place of fear. We are unhappy because we are not connected to our true nature. This is due to living through the veil of conditioning. Good news is the veil can be lifted. You don’t need years of therapy to remove it. The veil lifts in the NOW.


Spend some time noticing the commenting mind. Rather than believing everything it utters allow it to chatter and move as it does. Don’t try to stop it, resisting it only makes it more challenging. In order to move from being mindless to mindful we allow each thought to be a drop of water. We are often bombarded by judgmental patterns which keep us stuck, and I have found that using the mantra “maybe, maybe not” frees up these thought streams.

With a “maybe” we allow ourselves to remain open to new territory which is always available when we allow it. Otherwise with a definitive “yes/no” the drop of water quickly becomes a thought stream which takes us into the history of the past and we add that to our current experience.

This makes us recycle the past in the present moment, and is why people have the same patterns over and over again. It doesn’t have to be that way and you can create change now. Try employing this mantra of “maybe, maybe not” when you think you know what is going to happen, and see how that allows what was once a thought stream to become simply a drop of water.

Become master

You can be like the sky and the thoughts are just clouds passing by. If you have ever meditated or used mindfulness then you know that is what those modalities are all about. We can become the master of our mind rather than being a servant to its constant fearful scrutiny. It may still talk in your head but you don’t have to listen to it. Just be with whatever is happening in front of you on the planet.

When you notice that you have gotten back onto the hamster wheel of mind then just step off and move into the moment. The mind is always wanting and fearing. It likes to cling to things it likes and push away things it doesn’t like. Many human beings have become body obsessed, criticizing the fat, wrinkle, or apparent imperfection. We also compare our finances, relationships, and apparent success/failure.

Do you think the trees or birds compare themselves to each other in this way? Who would you be without comparison? Who would you be without the story of not being enough? And where do all those concepts exist? They are simply drops of water/thoughts you have attached to, believed and identified with. They have become the powerful ocean story of me. Through presence we can turn the tide. All the energy that we used toward thinking and fearing is freed up for our use in this present moment.

Next time a drop of thought arises, let it pass. It is that simple!

This is a guest post written by
Elizabeth D. Winkler LMFT