Story of Burnt Finger

There’s a story I need to share with you guys. It all started when I was 10 years old, burnt my fingertip and started crying. And because my mom always took care of me, she told me: “Don’t cry, for you will not remember this in 10 years from now.”

And despite the fact she was wrong, I do remember it, she taught me one thing I regret the most by this short sentence. That is, to resist the present moment. In other words, she told me: “Focus on the future”. As if the present moment was nothing. But the truth is that the future does not exist.

Stop and ponder

Now, I want you to stop whatever you are doing right now and ponder how can there ever be the future. Of course, they are just projections of our minds. Nobody can live in the future, because if they did, it’d not be future anymore. It’s what’s happening that we call the present and everything depends on that.

Therefore you cannot live in the future nor in the past.

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The present moment became so useless nowadays. I know. Sometimes the present can be painful, but then you have no other option than to accept it.

Sensation is just a sensation

If I concentrated on the burnt finger back then I’d realise that its just a sensation. Sensation itself can not be painful. Only our brain makes it so. If you were living constantly focused on the future, you would miss out all of the most beautiful things that are happening this very moment. You would miss out the life itself.

Then what for are you here? The planet offers you so many amazing fruits and you refuse to pick them up and savour them. All the juice is here waiting for you if you weren’t busy living somewhere else in your wonderland.


It’s in our, people’s, very nature to be able to put things by to the future. This is what distinguish us from other animals. They can live in the now only. That’s the whole joke. We evolved into thinking the future is real and worthwhile.

Hamster on wheel

We are, metaphorically speaking, like this hamster on a wheel who is always trying to get somewhere not realizing that he’s in the wheel. Or the dog with a stick tied up to his head with the food in the end. Every time he moves, the food moves with him. No matter how much he tries, he can never reach the food.

This food is not your job, money, girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s the dreaming of reaching these things that drives you onwards. Not those things. If you find a nice boyfriend, you didn’t reach the food, you just smell it’s flavor and that smell can be addictive. However, you can never reach the food. You can never fill this gap within. Why? Because material things are never enough.