Marketing practical
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Marketing – Practical Part

Here’s the thing. Marketing provides fake solutions to real problems. And these fake solutions are design not to work. So that people who use them are forced to spend more money. If the pharmaceutical industry gives you drugs, it’s in their best interest that these drugs don’t cure you.

Shower Thoughts

Why is Marketing Ruining Your Life

Marketing is everywhere. TV, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, news, cities or even in transport. And if you stay close-minded it can easily ruin your life just to make you click on ad. And don’t think that it doesn’t concern you just because you are not a marketer. It affects all of us collectively […]

New year

Top New Year’s Resolution

2017 is now a past and there’s a perfect opportunity for all of us to start writing a new chapter in our biography named 2018.
What’s the best resolution you can make? Let’s find out!

Profound Insights

What Makes a Hero?

“What makes a hero? Courage, strength, morality, withstanding adversity? Are these the traits that truly show and create a hero? Is the light truly the source of darkness or vice versa? Is the soul a source of hope or despair? Who are these so called heroes and where do they come from? […]

Christmas Tree
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Article for Christmas Time

Colorful gifts are resting under the tree, the nice smell of Christmas is omnipresent and countryside is cover with this white magic. I adore this holiday. I mean… holy day. And for once I don’t think there’s much to add. Except one thing.