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Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become. Although we are all actors in this drama, it’s in everyone’s best interest to act in accordance with the scenario. Because when you do, the show gets the biggest applause.

Profound Insights


Although presence is always available, and it is what heals us, why is it so hard for so many to be present today? The simple answer is people get distracted and lost in their chattering mind. Have you noticed it constantly comments on everything? If you spend some time observing the mind […]

awaken from matrix
Shower Thoughts

Awaken From This Matrix

How do you know you are not dreaming right now? If you had a lucid dream or saw the movie called Inception, you might ask what’s the difference between the dream and the reality. In other words: What is the substance of the dream? It seems that there’re not many differences, right? […]

ebook about anger

Say Goodbye to Anger

It took me 2 years of doing research and writing this book. I’ve done my best to communicate the truth and reveal the most compelling secrets. You’ll be able to say goodbye to anger for good. I understand the difference between the theory and the practice. So I’ve decided to include 4 handful assistants to the purchase for free.

How photoshop changes people
Shower Thoughts

You are beautiful but you don’t know it

These days, it’s overly hard to find someone who is not using filters on social medias or someone who is not obsessed with showing only the best pictures of themselves. People argue about which profile pic is better and who is getting the most likes not realising that all these likes are […]