Meditation on Steroids

You have maybe seen someone just sitting down and meditating while having headphones on. What was he doing? It seems like nobody needs any special equipment to meditate. So, isn’t it just a useless extra work?

Here’s the thing. There’s a big chance they were listening to something called Binaural Beats.

What are these?

Binaural Beats are magical frequencies which are projected into your ears and their function is to enhance almost any aspect of your life. In other words, they are able to drastically change the way your brain works. They are sometimes called life hacks, because they are very easy to use and their benefits are huge.

Are they meant for you?

The answer is simple: If you struggle with regular meditation or want to reach a new level of consciousness then Binaural Beats are a must for you. If you get used to them, you won’t ever want to meditate without them.

How it works?

Let’s do some Physics for a while. Below I’ve summarised the main distinctions between each frequency.

+ Gamma (30+ Hz) – There is not enough scientific research to prove or disprove the benefits of these frequencies.

Is it possible to enjoy listening to them?

This is something I’ve been trying to solve for almost a year. And now I can safely say that the solution is going to be published the next week. The thing is that I’ve already consulted this with people who already made a lot of binaural beats and hence they know how to produce the best ones.

I asked each of them how to make the ones which are not just producing quick results, but also the ones which are sweet and pleasant to our ears. And that was the starting point of the Binaural Beats revolution.


Just give me a week and I’ll prove it to you that you actually can enjoy meditating and also see the results in a few weeks. This is not just a rhetoric. I’ve discussed this with my friends who had access to them just to try them out and everyone was extremely grateful. It’s because all of them started to see their desired results in less than 2 weeks just by listening to them 15 minutes every day.

One of them was even able to quit smoking. Just by listening to our special delta waves. Yes, it wasn’t as easy as it sounds, but after these 2 weeks he didn’t touch a cigarette. I’d never recommend something I don’t practice or believe in myself. The good news is you’ll have the opportunity as well.

UPDATE: The Binaural Beats are ready! Here is the link. Enjoy!

See you next Monday! 🙏