Meditation benefits

What’s the big deal about meditation?

Meditation has a very beautiful feature to take us away from this world of suffering into the world of happiness, joy and Bliss. It is a method that we have to practice on a daily basis and if we follow it properly we will find that meditation helps us not to just discover ourselves and quiet the mind, but also to encounter so many important benefits. The only question that remains is “Why doesn’t everyone do this?”. To make it very easy, I’ve wrote down benefits which influenced me the most. Here you go!

Peace of mind

Have you noticed that our lives became pretty comparable to the hamster in a wheel? We constantly look forward to something. And when this something is happening, we look forward to something else. Stuck in a traffic jam we look forward to being at work, at work we look forward to being at home and so on. It’s a never-ending process.

Just stop! Give your mind and body a break. They deserve it. Breathe out all the problems. After doing this every single day you’ll finally find out what the word “equanimity” means.

Healthy lifestyle booster

There’s something strange going on when you start meditating every single day. I have never seen this benefit anywhere else so it may be just me, but after I started meditating it naturally brighten up my lifestyle. Now it’s not just easy for me to eat healthy, it’s rather hard to eat garbage food.

Moreover, I also found out that I require less sleep. This is very strange. You’d expect that more sleep is the answer to your fatigue and low level of energy, but it turns out that this statement is false. Once I’ve attended a meditation retreat and the thing that scared me the most was waking up at 4 o’clock. What I didn’t realise was that during meditation my body calms down. Meaning that you won’t just need less sleep, it’ll also slow down the ageing process.

Overall enjoyment

Have you already found out that nothing external can make you happy? It’s the state of your mind. You choose how you react. So if you want to be able to enjoy even the simplest things like breathing, then meditation is the perfect answer. It puts you on the fast track to being happy.

What does it feel like to take a hot shower during freezing cold weather? It’s definitely more satisfying than just a regular shower. What’s changed? The only difference is that in the first example, you were fully present. You were simply enjoying the shower, nothing else mattered. On the other hand, in the second example you were thinking about stuff not caring about the hot water splashing your skin.

Meditation teaches you how to enjoy every shower, every breath and every day. It is a spectrum and right now you are probably at the beginning. The good news is you can get better. Think about it as a journey. Journey from mind full to mindful.

As you can see, meditation is definitely something you need to start doing. The biggest obstacles are lack of time and slowly emerging benefits. That’s why I’m going to reveal my biggest secret for squeezing the most juice out of meditation so that you encounter the benefits as soon and as fast as possible. But you have to wait another week. I swear it’s worth it! See you next Monday. 🙏