Why is Marketing Ruining Your Life

Marketing is everywhere. TV, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, news, cities or even in transport. And if you stay close-minded it can easily ruin your life just to make you click on ad. And don’t think that it doesn’t concern you just because you are not a marketer. It affects all of us collectively as a society, because we are all in this collective web of believes. It concerns you because it’s not about selling stuff, it’s about shaping reality, culture and influence.


And just like church and monarchs controlled the flow of information in the past, these days there are even bigger players who control culture and reality. It’s not illuminati, but someone publicly known. To be concrete, we’re talking about not just religion and nations, but also science, modern education and business.

Business does anything to maximise its profits. It doesn’t care about your health as long as you pay. And as far as science and modern education go, they are very biased towards researching those domains which have technical applicability. Because who pays them? It is bespoke product. Only those scientists who come up with the most technological based ideas are rewarded.

I’ve been studying technical university and I was horrified when I found out that even maths is focused on maximising the speed of our computers. It no more cares about reality. Just find better algorithm for computing matrixes and you will get paid.

Lies war

Marketing can influence people so much that they are willing to fight for lies that are presented to them just to make them buy stuff. I remember how I argued with my family about dairy products. My grandma couldn’t believe me that cows, just like every other mammal, have to be impregnated to produce milk. Nobody believed me. Even though it’s written in verified article on Wikipedia (source – Animal welfare paragraph), they still fought for marketing lies.

It’s because in the country they grew up in, we have products like “Veselá kráva” meaning “Happy cow” which portrait cows as if they were the happiest animals on Earth even though the opposite is true. They lock them in a very small place, they rape them, take their babies, and feed them with crap just to get as much milk from their udder as possible. Then they sell it as a Happy cow product.


Can you see how brainwashed we are? Even the idea of eating at least 5 meals a day is already refuted. And although some scientists did research on this topic and found out it is a lie (of course, we didn’t evolve very much since the times when we were forced to eat once a day) nobody cares (source – 7 studies at the bottom). And as long as you suck the marketer’s tit, you won’t be able to find the truth.

If you take a look at North Korea you can clearly see all the manipulations, lies and brainwashing. But only from the outside. If you grew up in that country, you wouldn’t be able to see through this regime. And here it’s almost the same. With only few exceptions, here it’s freer and subtler. Think about education. It’s pure propaganda. We are indoctrinated to think inside a certain box and everything that contradicts this particular box you are taught to consider as nonsense.

Common sense

Imagine you rule some country. What would you do? If you were like most people, you would want to maintain the power you possess or even extend it. And what’s the better way to do that than to teach people that they should obey laws? Your laws. And if they break them then they will be punished. It sounds like something everybody who wants power would do. And who rules these countries? People who want to rule them. People who are interested in power aren’t interested in truth.

So we are taught right from the beginning that we shall obey laws, don’t break them, if we break them we are punished, we are taught to sit when everybody sits. We are taught to think what people in power want us to think and people who are brainwashed by this system are the ones who teach our kids. You won’t see anything I write about in schools or advertisement. Because what I’m saying here will not earn anybody money. And they are doing it just for money.


Although we are so called free to say anything, it is not revolutionary. It has always been the case. Even in prehistory people could express themselves freely. The real question is: “How many people can you influence?”. You could be the wisest man on Earth in prehistoric ages, but your ideas would get just as far as your vocal cords let you. Now it’s not really that different. You can publish a blog just like I did but how many people can you influence by doing this? Without marketing, no one will ever read it. And let’s be honest. Almost the only things you know about are the things that are mass marketed to you.

Next time I’m going to reveal exactly what can you do and we are going to focus on more practical stuff. Also I’ve prepared a worksheet which is going to help you on this journey.

UPDATE: Here‘s the next article.

See you!