Marketing – Practical Part


Here’s the thing. Marketing provides fake solutions to real problems. And these fake solutions are design not to work. So that people who use them are forced to spend more money. If the pharmaceutical industry gives you drugs, it’s in their best interest that these drugs don’t cure you.

Moreover, sciences like psychology and sociology have the power to make products irresistible. And marketing sucks the science’s tit. It is highly focused on how to make the most sales. The world is being destroyed just to make people click on ads.

Fake sugar

Industry is poisoning people with cheap “sugar”. People get addicted to buying new iPhone, PC game, movie and then they are not able to meditate for 15 minutes straight. It’s much easier to sell people addictive poison than to actually cure their lives.

What can I do?

You may argue “Well I am just an employee, how can I change the marketing of a company I don’t own?” and that’s exactly what you have to figure out if you want to live a meaningful life and elevate people. If you are in a business which is hurting people in any way then the only solution is to take 100% ownership. It’s the only way out.


Figure out the way you can help people the most. Offer a permanent solution. Find a way to market a solution that eliminates the unfulfilled desire of customers and transforms it to some kind of well-being. So that these people actually outgrow the need of your help.

If you are a psychiatrist, your aim should be to heal people so that they no more need to come visit you. If you are a yoga teacher, you should focus on teaching yoga in such a way that people learn how to practice and don’t need you anymore. If you want to help people, don’t create another addiction, but destroy some. Because in the process of becoming more conscious you have to let go of unconscious behaviour.

To help you figure out the solution, I’ve made a free worksheet you can easily download and fill out by clicking here.

See you!