People, when interacting with each other, act in a certain way, so that they are admired, liked and respected. Then, when they find out how others respond, they start to show their true selves and be authentic. This is, of course, quite natural process. I say, do it the other way around. I’ll show you how exactly later, but now, let me introduce you to this concept.

You don’t have to do anything

Here’s the thing. No matter how much people manipulate you and push you into doing something for them, you are not bounded to do anything. Even prisoner is free to do whatever he wants. It’s only the prison we create in our mind that keeps us from being free.

You are not here to make others happy, but to be yourself. Everyone else’s happiness is their own deal. Of course, you can help. But to be able to help others, you have to start with yourself. So please, don’t get me wrong.

It isn't about not caring for others, but about putting yourself in the first place. Click To Tweet

The exercise

So, here it is: Act like nobody’s watching and then, but only then, ask others if they are ok with you being yourself. Since nobody likes fake and hypocrisy, they’ll say, “Yes, I’m ok with you.” and maybe note just a few, nonetheless important behaviour patterns which they don’t like about you. Then, it is up to you if you listen.

But even if you don’t change based on what they told you, they’ll remember that you do care about what they think of you and the bond gets stronger. The relationship improves and you can be authentic and hence happy. As you can see, even though this method is a win win, it is a complete opposite of how people tend to behave. Try this out and let me know how it goes.

See you next Monday. ❤