“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.”Steve Jobs

It is a common sense. To think that “only if I got this and that, I’d be happy”. Well, here’s the thing. Happiness is a state of being. It’s the inner state. Getting as much money as possible is only good for realising we don’t need them to be happy.

No wonder that we see the most powerful and rich people being angry all the time. Look at Donald Trump. You probably don’t think this guy is full of joy. But how does it relate to intuition? Hold on.

Why intuition

Although we are all actors in this drama, it’s in everyone’s best interest to act in accordance with the scenario. Because when you do, the show becomes wonderful and you get the biggest applause. This is what Karma means in eastern religions.

Heart or Mind

Now that you know why, you may argue it’s hard to tell the difference between the intuition and the ego. Sometimes it is not easy and we may be confused about where does the information come from. What is the source? The heart or the mind? Luckily enough, there’s a solution. Here it is:

When the thought arises, start questioning it. You may ask for instance: “Is this intuition coming from my heart? Or maybe is this my ego being sneaky and deceptive?”. After you ask, observe what’s happening.

True or False intuition

False intuitions defend themselves with justifications when they’re questioned. They tend to be very logical and they are playing “not to lose”. On the other hand, true intuitions are silent when they’re questioned, yet, when you question them, they still continue to have this magnetic pull to them. They come from a place of love.

Also, true intuitions are playing “to win”. The great example of true aspiring intuition is described in The Alchemist, where Santiago, the main character, dreams several times of a treasure at the pyramid and fulfils his destiny. And just like the writer Paulo Coelho advise, when you act in alignment with your intuition, “All the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”.

This is because the true intuition doesn’t come from you. It is something the universe wants you to do. So let the universe be the boss. It’ll never quieten until you fulfil your destiny. This is one of the reason people are being depressed.

Because they try to suppress their intuition and act in accordance with what they are told by society and they can’t find any meaning in doing that. It is not the only reason, but it definitely plays a big role. So if you struggle with lack of motivation I recommend you invest more in your intuition.

You can start small by not eating this chocolate bar when your intuition doesn’t want you to and gradually build yourself up from changing yourself to changing the world. Or you can join me on this journey!


I decided to spend this week doing everything that my intuition advise. For it is the very reason why I’m here. To become a force of nature. And I invite you to do it with me. A week of utter trust in intuition.

After that you can share with us on the Instagram. I’ll definitely let you know how that works out for me. We are in it together. All for one and one for all!


I’ve completed the week of utter listening to my intuition and I made a lot’s of important decisions which are going to transform my life deeply. I’m still not sure if it’s going to turn out in a good way, but I’m already excited.

One of the most life-changing decision I made was to do a pilgrimage in Europe and invest more in Mindfulfil, so that we can purge more together. If you guys are interested in what’s happening behind the curtain, you can contact me on Instagram, I respond to every single message there.

Peace! 🙏