Review Policy

**Submissions are closed for a while! Please check again in the end of July.**

Want me to review your book?

First and foremost, congratulations on seeking a review of your piece of art. You have taken a great step! I love getting books to review and am always keen to get my teeth into a new book.

What it takes

All reviews are free. You don’t have to pay me anything to make me write a constructive criticism and post a review on Goodreads, this Blog and Instagram. My mission is to help you on this thorny, but fruitful journey.

Since there’s an unexpected high demand of book reviews I’m forced to limit it as follows. In a nutshell, I’ll gladly accept review requests from authors and publishers writing:
self-help (f. e. The Power of Now)
spiritual fiction (f. e. The Alchemist)
poetry (I can not resist this genre lately)

Due to the limited time, I made a decision to prioritize hard copies. You can still submit an eBook, but it’ll have to wait up until I read all printouts on my to-read list. One of the reason is that I love the smell of new books and, of course, only then I can take a photo of your book and share it on my Instagram with more than 20K people.

What you can expect

If I accept your review request, I will post a fair and honest review. I believe reviews should always be constructive, whether it’s positive or critical of the book. That’s why I’ll strive to be kind in my brutal honesty. Moreover, I make every effort to remember that just because I don’t prefer a particular book doesn’t mean someone else will feel the same.

I do and will review every book I agree to receive. No one will be left behind! Which doesn’t mean my feedback is going to ruin your career. My review can stay behind the curtain if that’s what you want. I know that this is important to authors. I understand how hard is self-publishing itself. It’s not in my best interest to make it even harder.


Since there’s a lot of books just waiting for me to either read or write, you need to respect my lack of flexibility with posting times. But if you insist on a specific date, please let me know in your email to me and I will do my best to make it work.

I cross promote my reviews here on my blog, on my Instagram which itself is a guarantee of more than 20K of unique eyeballs, on Amazon and on Goodreads. You are free to post the review anywhere you want, including the blurb and if I rate it 5 stars, you can expect me to ask you for a collaboration.


The process is simple. Fill the short contact form below providing a link to your book (if you haven’t published it yet, you can skip this step). The message doesn’t have to be long, complex, or even personal. I know how hard is coming up with different mails all the time, however, if it makes me laugh, you are on the right track to get my attention.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey! <3

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