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Story of Burnt Finger

There’s a story I need to share with you guys. It all started when I was 10 years old, burnt my fingertip and started crying. And because my mom always took care of me, she told me: “Don’t cry, for you will not remember this in 10 years from now.” And despite […]

The Alchemist
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There is something I need to share with you. You probably know I’ve been following my intuition a lot lately and jf you’ve read The Alchemist you are familiar with the idea of having the same dream twice. What is my dream that got stuck in my head?

awaken from matrix
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Awaken From This Matrix

How do you know you are not dreaming right now? If you had a lucid dream or saw the movie called Inception, you might ask what’s the difference between the dream and the reality. In other words: What is the substance of the dream? It seems that there’re not many differences, right? […]

How photoshop changes people
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You are beautiful but you don’t know it

These days, it’s overly hard to find someone who is not using filters on social medias or someone who is not obsessed with showing only the best pictures of themselves. People argue about which profile pic is better and who is getting the most likes not realising that all these likes are […]

Marketing practical
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Marketing – Practical Part

Here’s the thing. Marketing provides fake solutions to real problems. And these fake solutions are design not to work. So that people who use them are forced to spend more money. If the pharmaceutical industry gives you drugs, it’s in their best interest that these drugs don’t cure you.

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Why is Marketing Ruining Your Life

Marketing is everywhere. TV, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, news, cities or even in transport. And if you stay close-minded it can easily ruin your life just to make you click on ad. And don’t think that it doesn’t concern you just because you are not a marketer. It affects all of us collectively […]