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“Always say “yes” to the present moment. What could be more futile, more insane, than to create inner resistance to what already is? What could be more insane than to oppose life itself, which is now and always now? Surrender to what is. Say “yes” to life — and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.”
– Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now)

What are Binaural Beats?

These magical frequencies (also known as “Solfeggio frequencies”) are differences between two separated pure tones presented to each ear. Their frequencies determine how they function, which makes it easy to:
a) improve in all possible areas (from Astral projection to Zen serenity)
b) create futile, not working Beats
So make sure you are using the ones which work properly, otherwise it’s just a waste of your precious time.

As you can see, you can easily get trapped here. Therefore use Binaural Beats from sites that have spent years studying and back-testing the different effects of each setting. Here are examples of some 3rd party Beats.

Although Binaural Beats are very easy to use, they aren’t baby toys. It’s necessary to know how to use them. Hence I’ve done my best to accumulate the most important information you need to know. They’re attached to every package you find on this page so you don’t have to worry.

So, what’s the big deal about these magical frequencies?

These acoustic psychedelic arts quickly became widely used by people who want to improve the quality of their lives. Although I generally hate the notion of “magical pill”, because in life there’re usually no shortcuts, I have to admit that these frequencies are very close to this utopian idea. It has never been easier to tap into your greatest potential.

Due to the fact that our Binaural Beats were professionally developed under medical supervision and created by verified experts they bring results almost twice as fast as the regular ones. They are the key which unlocks the chest of inner peace. They are your fastest ticket to meditative heaven. My best friend even calls them “meditation on steroids”.

Used for:

  • Personal & spiritual development
  • Boosting meditation
  • Improving overall health
  • Increasing brain function
  • Reaching higher levels of consciousness
  • Enhancing creativity
  • And much more!


There is a functional difference between every frequency used in Binaural Beats. Every person goes through these brainwave frequencies on a day-to-day basis. We tend to tap into them mainly while we’re sleeping or when we’re almost asleep. Binaural Beats allow us to reach these frequencies and take away the benefits of them without a) falling asleep and b) years of practicing. If you want to know more about the difference of these frequencies, click here.

Binaural Beats

  1. Astral Projection
  2. Aura Viewing
  3. Buddha Consciousness
  4. Creativity Enhancement
  5. Deep Relaxation
  6. Depression Healing
  7. Chakras Healing
  8. Lucid Dreaming
  9. Memory Improvement
  10. Third Eye Opening
    + Relaxing Meditation (only in Guru package)
  • Astral Projection
    What it feels like to travel without your body? Many people want to reach that state. What they don't realise is that it is a process. It's not as easy as it sound. You will not get there just by listening to our Binaural Beats. Yet they will help you. If you are already motivated to start a long journey, these Binaural Beats are here for you!



3 steps to your magical frequencies:
1) Check if the connection is secured https version and select the package you like the most
2) Pay via PayPal or use the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” option
3) Choose your Beats and follow the email instruction


$29.90 19.90 

Save $10


How-to guide

10 Beats

24/7 support

Free lifetime updates

➕ 4 hours of relaxing meditation Binaural Beats available only in Guru edition



$19.90 14.90

Save $5


How-to guide

3 Beats of your choice

24/7 support





How-to guide

1 Binaural Beats of your choice



What do all packages include?

All packages are equipped with shiny Worksheet. Its purpose is to allow you to find out if you are making a progress. I also attached a manual just in case you don’t know how to use Binaural Beats, because, as I mentioned before, they aren’t baby toys. You can reach a remarkable state of mind, but you need to know how. The instructions are very quick and straightforward.

There’s a selection from 10 unique Binaural Beats. Each lasting for an hour. Only the Relaxing Meditation is 4 hours long. Therefore prepare to reserve a special place for the Beats. Because the best quality requires a lot of space. There’s 320 kbps in every single Beat. Meaning that you’ll need at least 2 Gigabytes for the Guru package.

Why don’t you put your paid Binaural Beats on YouTube and monetize them afterwards?

Even though the profit would be approximately the same, I will never upload our Beats on YouTube and here’s why. The main reason is that YouTube degrades the quality of audio to anywhere from 50-192 kbps (most often to just 126 kbps AAC) no matter which video quality you choose (source). That is far below the recommended minimum and let’s be honest, a good sound quality is in this case the only thing that matters. It’s the difference between hearing your favorite band playing live and hearing them from a radio in a pub.

Is it pleasant to listen to these Binaural Beats?

Many people ask if it is pleasant or boring. And to be honest, it can be both. Sometimes it’s just one frequency which you are listening over and over. In fact, a few years ago I’ve been listening to Binaural Beats during my meditation sessions and I got bored of listening to mostly similar frequencies myself. So I decided to come up with something brand new.

I’ve consulted this with half a dozen of professionals who are experienced in creating Binaural Beats and we constructed unique Beats combined with a relax music. I call them the only true RnB (Rythm and Beats). Now it’s my biggest meditation booster as you might have read here.

How to find out if it works?

My mission is to help people, so if you are not sure whether it works or not, just let me know. Also to address this problem I’ve created a worksheet for you which is perfect for tracking your progress. It is attached to every purchase, so don’t worry.

What if it won’t work for me?

If you won’t find a single value in any of our Binaural Beats after 7 days, it’s possible to make a refund. Just email me with your completed assignments within 7 days of purchase, showing that you at least completed the worksheet, and ask for a refund.

Binaural Beats Money Back Guaranteed

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As this is a topic that I love with my whole heart, I’m happy to answer any question! Please, feel free to contact me if you are having troubles or even if you just want to say hello.

Have the most wonderful day! <3


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