Awaken From This Matrix

How do you know you are not dreaming right now? If you had a lucid dream or saw the movie called Inception, you might ask what’s the difference between the dream and the reality. In other words: What is the substance of the dream? It seems that there’re not many differences, right? Well, let’s find out!

Duck vs rabbit

optical illusion duck rabbit

This picture draw my attention last night. I mean, it’s a nice optical illusion, but there’s something else I want you to realise. Here’s the thing. No matter what, you can see either a duck or a rabbit. You cannot see both of them at the same time. It shows us a crazy perspective on how our brains work. The only way your mind can distinguish things is by contradiction. This insight is going to be important in the following paragraphs, so keep it in mind.

Reality = dream

Here’s my claim: All of reality is nothing but a dream. The reason it feels so real is because you are overwhelmed by thoughts and ideas about this world, but realise that – just the fact that the thing you call reality feels so real – doesn’t make it so.

You may argue that there’s an essential difference between a dream and the reality. That dreams are illusory. That you can tell the difference, because in dreams you can fly and it’s not possible in the real world, but realise that in that dream it felt natural.


You can only feel the difference when you have something to compare. The dream overwhelms you in such a way that you are not able to tell that your levitation is unrealistic. Up until you have awaken from that dream. Then you feet like “Whoa, how could I not see that it was a dream, it was so unrealistic”, but you didn’t feel like it when you were dreaming.

So this feeling of “it feels real” doesn’t cut it, because all dreams feel real when you are inside of them. If you are 40 years old, you probably had more than 10,000 dreams. My question is: How many times were you aware of the fact that you were dreaming?

If you are like most people, your success rate is something like 0.01 %. It’s because every dream feels so real when you have nothing to compare. And in the same way, this “reality” feels real because you haven’t awaken from this dream yet. However, it is possible. You can awaken from this dream in the same way as you could awaken from the last night dream.

Awakening problems

One of the reason you haven’t awaken yet is because it’s in the society’s best interest. Marketers want you to buy their stuff and when you realise that reality = dream you no longer need them. What’s the point of buying a new, more advanced iPhone?

Another reason why you haven’t awaken yet is because this notion feels rather unpleasant. When I suggest that reality = dream, you perceive slight annoyance in you. People generally don’t like it, because it’d mean that every single problem they have is in their heads only.

But isn’t it beautiful? You can dream of whatever you want. This dream is so beautiful that you can stop perceiving a problem as a problem and all of sudden, it stops being a problem. Moreover, if this is a dream, then it is your dream! You are free to be authentic and act in accordance with your inner nature. And that is amazing!

See you next Monday!