Say Goodbye to Anger

Say goodbye to anger

How not to want to punch them in the face

We live in a society that is swimming in anger. We can see it in news, politics and even at home. Anger can unconsciously ruin our health. It is one of the most powerful and dangerous emotions. Moreover, you probably don’t see yourself as being an angry person. But your constant annoyance and impatience are all anger based.

And that’s exactly what this book is all about. It’ll help you with not just the anger, but also with your irritation, annoyance and impatience problems. The book is laced with stories and step by step techniques. You’ll find there 3 powerful techniques which will surely help you to say goodbye to all your anger problems forever.

Fast results

I understand you don’t have much time, so I made an effort to focus on what’s important and communicate it in the most understandable way. It’s amazing how quickly you can stop anger in its tracks when you really look at it and understand that you don’t have to get angry.


I also understand that it’s not about reading as much as you can. Because if you only read the information and didn’t contemplate and practice, you’d end up exactly where you began. Remember that learning/reading = behaviour change. If your behaviour doesn’t change then what have you learnt?

And this is the very reason I decided to come up with something brand new. I love my readers and therefore I added 3 beautiful extra documents to the book just for you. They are directly connected in the following order. One for all and all for one.

The three musketeers

1. Worksheet

Think of the worksheet as a gateway between theory and practice and as a stairway to the peaceful heaven. You read the book meaning you understand the theory and now you are going to implement it in your life.

2. Exercise

One simple yet profound exercise which you are going to learn in the book. In this particular document you are going to be taught how to implement the information that is described in depth in the book and which is build on in the worksheet.

3. Metaphor

In the last document I revealed a beautiful metaphor to keep you on track and to complete the teaching.

These segments are essential if you want to put an end to this emotion for good.

We are going to discuss the following

What is anger

To get the hang of this anger problem you must first know what the anger is. Here we are not interested in some tedious professional wiki definitions which are designed for qualified specialists, because they tend to be unnecessarily hard to understand. I want you to really comprehend this concept so that we can continue.

Why we get angry

Without answering this segment you’ll not be able to properly implement the following techniques. The theory has its importance. This is the reason why doctors study 8 years before they’re allowed to work in a hospital. Without the theory, they could cause many unfortunate deaths.

Ways to manage anger

In this part of book, I’ll finally reveal how to actually get at the root cause of your anger to fix it permanently. Here we’re also going to talk about 3 practical techniques you can use to control your emotions. These techniques are really powerful. You can actually become detached from every single acute situation so much that people around you will get mad at you just because you don’t react the way they want you to.


I put a lot of effort to make the information crystal clear and not to miss a single thing. The last edition of the book was 3 times reviewed and corrected before publishing. Well, one of these reviews was written by my brother. But still, I can tell you with a clean conscience that you will never get angry again.

Click here to learn how not to want to punch them in the face and here to get the worksheet, the exercise and the metaphor for free. Also, as a way of saying thank you for the purchase, I’ve decided to give away my Binaural Beats on anger management. This is exclusive offer for my readers only, you won’t find it anywhere else. Here you can contact me and get them for free.

We’re in this together. Let’s say goodbye to anger!