Here’s the thing. I’ve been searching for some inspiration and found out that there’s a lack of good-value blogs about my most favourite topic – mindfulness. I know how exhausting it can be not to be able to find a place to go for valuable insights and inspiration to help you live more mindfully. I get no affiliates for promoting these websites, I just thought you may find a value in that and save time from lengthy Googling. So here you go.

Order: From the most famous one to the completely unknown


  • Videos (very long)
  • Forum
  • Life purpose
  • Baldness

This guy, called Leo Gura, is a famous YouTuber who doesn’t mind sharing his insights and debating topics on his website. I’ve been subscribing to him for several years and he influenced me probably the most.

He created a complex life purpose course, which is going to help you figure out one of the most important decision. It’s quite expensive, but the good news is, although I can’t provide any discount, I can share all the concepts with you for free.


Zen Habits

  • Minimalistic (no distraction whatsoever)
  • Complex
  • Experienced writer
  • Long articles

This is by far the most minimalistic website I’ve encountered. You won’t be disturbed by any sort of advertisement, which itself is a great deal, yet you’ll be able to find there a lot of profound insights by the famous writer, Leo Babauta. Highly recommended if you like deep and long articles.


Tiny Buddha

  • Forum
  • More authors
  • Books
  • Shop

Who wouldn’t like Tiny Buddha. It’s a perfect place to go for insightful articles, meet like-minded people on forums, read profound quotes or buy books/courses.


Embracing Simple

  • Personal development
  • Self-employment
  • 6 fun facts about the author (here)


  • Well-arranged
  • For women
  • Fashion + beauty

To be honest, I’m not a keen subscriber of this blog, but as far as the connection of fashion and mindfulness is concerned, I find this blog to be the best.


Life Goals Mag

  • Well-structured
  • Minimalistic
  • Career

The Little Matters

  • Fresh/Young
  • Personal
  • Snug

I find this blog to be the No. 1 amongst the “newbish” fellow bloggers. It is not well-designed, but if you just seek quality content, you won’t mind at all. Also, it’s more of a personal blog about personal things and curiously enough that’s also the reason why I love it.


UPDATE: From time to time, I’m going to enrich and upgrade this list so that it stays fresh.

That’s about it. I believe you could find something in this list to fill and utilise your free time and I hope you’re going to enjoy these blogs as much as I do. If you want, you can keep reading. Here are a handful of articles waiting for you. I write posts about mindfulness every single Monday. <3